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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Beginning, Emily Style

I was a crossdresser/sissy before I met Emily, though she did not know when we started dating. Her discovery of my secret, of my alter ego, came about a year after we started dating. She did not discovery my stash of clothes, no, Emily's discovery of the other side of me came about in a much different way, and oddly enough involved her mother, albeit, indirectly. Her discovery started as a joke, almost a dare, turned serious, turned very serious, and led to her realization that her boyfriend had as much a feminine side as a masculine side.

We were at her mother's house in Chicago for a weekend vacation. Again, this was before Em knew about Sara. On Saturday morning, I opened my suitcase when getting dressed to discovery that I'd neglected to pack any boxer shorts. Freudian slip? Prehaps. I don't like wearing boy underwear, and try to avoid it. I knew I could not pack panties, but, I don't know, just totally forgot to pack boxers, save for the pair I'd worn on Friday on the drive.

I just stood over my suitcase, staring. Em finally said something. "What's wrong."

"I forgot to pack boxer shorts," I frowned.

She laughed. "Wear the pair you wore yesterday."

I wrinkled my nose. "Yuck. I was hot and sweaty on the drive. That kind of grosses me out."

"We could go to the store," she suggested.

Yea, I was in a mood, cause I was an idiot. "The museum opens at 10:00. How are we going to have time to go to the store?"

Emily then, as now, does NOT like when I take a tone with her.

"Well just don't wear any," she snapped back at me, "it isn't the end of the world."

"And walk around all day, commando? I'd be chaffed raw, Emily," I said, again with a tone in my voice.

"Well, you could wear one of my thongs, though I don't think that would fit too well," she snapped again. "And I'd appreciate you not taking a tone with me. You're the one who forgot to pack underwear, not me."

I sighed. "I'm sorry, Emily."

"Thank you."

"I know, this is my fault, not yours, I shouldn't get mad at you. I'm just upset at myself. I'd take you up on that thong offer if you were not so skinny," I nervously laughed, the sissy part of me almost shuddering at hearing her suggest wearing a pair of her panties, another part of me thinking that might be better than nothing.

"Is it really that bad to go bare all day? We could go to the store on the way, though you're right, I'd hate to be late."

"Yea, it's that bad. I know my poor thing would be raw at the end of the day, but we don't have time to go to the store."

Emily looked at me for a minute, laughed. "Thong? I'm not kidding, you could wear one..."

"Em," I said, trying to keep my voice steady, "you know I'd never fit in your thong." I was almost shaking. Fuck...seriously, fuck. She was offering me a thong to wear. Emily was suggesting I wear A PAIR OF PANTIES!

Emily looked at the suitcase. "Well, if the store is out, commando is out, and my thong is out...I'll be right back," she said, leaving the room.

I watched her leave, confused, went back to my suitcase. Maybe I overlooked my boxers. Well, no, I didn't. There was nothing in there. Fuck. I was an idiot. Fuck.

Emily walked back into the guest bedroom holding her hands behind her back, with a stupid, shit eating grin on her face. "Well, hon," she said, "since we really don't have time for the store, you won't fit into my thong, and you don't want to go commando, all I can think of is, well," she brought her hands in front of her, was holding something, "you could wear these."

This is what she was holding in her hands:

"What are those," I asked, aghast?

"Underwear," she said innocently.

"Those are panties," I said.

"Panties are underwear."

"Panties," I repeated, feeling myself shake inside.

"You could wear these, hon. They will fit."

"Where...where did you get those," I asked her, fearing her answer, conflicted how to feel. My girlfriend was suggesting I wear a pair of panties. Fuck, she had NO IDEA how that really made me feel.

"Better than naked, no," she said, not answering my question.

"Where did you get those," I repeated.

She wrinkled her brow. "From my mother's room, but what's it matter?"

"Emily, want me to wear a pair of your mothers...," I took a deep breath, "panties?"

"It is just for today, well, maybe tomorrow, till we can go to the store...what's the big deal, I mean, who cares? No one will know anyway, right? It's better than getting rubbed raw."

I smiled nervously. "Ha, ha," I said, trying to dismiss her practical joke.

"I'm not joking," she said, a serious look on her face, "really, you can wear these, it isn't a big deal and the best solution, considering."

I held out my hand, trying not to shake, took the panties from her. "You're serious?"

"Yes, I am, go ahead," she said matter of factly.


"Go ahead, really, it isn't a big deal...I mean...okay, it is a little weird, I'll give you that, thinking my boyfriend is going to wear my mother's panties...okay, a lot weird, but, I mean..." She laughed. "Strange isn't a big deal."

"Emily, you're not joking, right. You think I should wear these?"

"Yes, hon, I know, I know, but yes, go ahead, no big deal."

I slipped one foot, then the other, into the nylon panties, pulled them up my legs, gulped, up over my ass, my penis.....


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