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Monday, April 13, 2009

Friday Night Surprise

Friday, after work, Emily was clearly tired, because she came over to my place, gave me a hug, and climbed under the covers of my bed.

"Tired," I remarked.

"Yea," she smiled at me, "and cold."

"You want to sleep?"

"No, we have to meet for dinner in an hour. Come here," she said, patting my bed next to her, "cuddle with me."

I climbed into bed next to Em, cuddled, started massaging her upper arms. I can't help it. Next to her, I have this compulsion to touch her, to massage her, to stroke her, to see her smile from my touch.

"Hmmm, that feels nice," she purred, eyes closed.

We had to go to dinner soon, so I had absolutely no thoughts of anything more, certainly not of sex. In fact, as I was rubbing her arms and neck, I was on the verge of telling her to flip over so I could massage her back, a nice "back rub not leading to sex back rub."

Emily's shirt had ridden up her stomach, my cheek was touching her skin. "You're warm," she said.

I don't know if that was an invitation, I was still about to massage her back, but I kissed her stomach anyway. "Hmmm," she purred again.

I kissed for a minute, glanced at the clock. We really had to leave shortly. Well, maybe...

No, no. I opened my mouth to tell her to turn over so I could massage her back. But, before I spoke, she did.

"Lower," she said in a soft command.

"Emily, it's 5:30," I said.

"Lower," she said again, one hand gently tussling my hair, gently pushing my head slightly.

I was going to protest a command to lick her? That was laughable. I'd almost rather lick her than screw her. I'd certainly much, much rather lick her than be licked.

In fact, it is safe to say, that I'd spend an hour worshiping her pussy, licking her, bringing her to orgasm after orgasm, every single day, whether or not I actually got to screw her. I love her that much, I love serving her that much, I love submitting to Emily that much.

So, I did what any submissive sissy would do. I unbuttoned her trousers, unzipped, and blew a hot, moist breath onto her mound through her black sheer panties.

"Ohhhhh, honey," she moaned, "ohhhhh."

Well, I thought, ten minutes, fifteen, I'd lick, I'd bring her to several orgasms. But we did not have time to screw, that was obvious. Plus, knowing Emily, she'd not want to screw, not want to go to dinner with things dripping out of her.

Fifteen minutes. I licked her for fifteen minutes. Through her panties, then aside, on her, savoring her scent, her taste. Loving her.

Finally, I stopped, looked up at her lost in orgasmic bliss, stopped. "We need to get going, Em," I said softly.

"But I want to screw," she immediately responded.

"Em," I said, looking at the clock, torn between the time and the sudden, unexpected demand from my girlfriend.

"I want to screw," she said, "I want to feel you inside me."

I gulped, tried not to shake. This was totally not what I was thinking twenty minutes ago. I was going to rub her back. That was all. Going down on her was a total surprise. But now this?

No need to tell me again. I tried to stay calm as I got off the bed, started to undress, took off my shirt and tie, undressed down to my satin unmentionables. "I want you inside me," Emily said again, demanded.

So I did, so I went, on top of my beautiful girlfriend, inside her, touching her. I glanced at the clock again.

"I know," Emily whispered in my ear, "quickly, lover, quickly...ohhhhh," she groaned as I easily slipped into her, into the warmth, the wetness.

I'm not the biggest, Emily has made that clear, more than clear. I don't last the longest, I know that. But I know exactly how to make Emily cum. Every time. I may not be the biggest, thickest, I may not fuck her the longest...but I'm the best, because I know exactly what to do.

I'm the best because I don't care about my pleasure, my orgasm. I make love to Emily, thinking only, only about her.

So within minutes, I'd made her cum once, twice. But now, the clock. I knew it.

She knew it, too. After what I'd just done to her, she knew exactly what to do to finish thing immediately.

Emily reached down, touched me, while inside her, took my balls in her gentle hand.

"I love feeling your little penis inside me," Emily whispered in my ear.

"Ohhhhh," I groaned at her words, her humiliating words, her purposefully spoken taunt. She knew that would take me from where ever I was to the brink of explosion.

Close, so close.

"Cum inside me, sissy," she whispered, massaging my balls, knowing by feel I was about to explode.

And I did, thrusting with all I could thrust, finally collapsing onto her, both of us half clothed, collapsing onto my love, my lover.

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