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Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Emily is having dinner tonight after work with an old friend of hers who works in the same profession as her. No big deal, right?

What if the old friend of hers is a guy? Still no big deal, right?

What about if they dated for a bit, nothing serious? Should that bother me? Not if I trust Emily, which I do.

How about if when they dated, they slept together? Is that a big deal? My serious girlfriend, the love of my life, having dinner with a guy who fucked her?

What if he's the total opposite of me? Strong, masculine, assertive, an alpha male? Well, she's with me, she loves me. She loves her feminine, submissive lover, right? She loves me.

In fact, when Em and I met, the first time we did something before we started dating, I met Em and Jason at a bar. The first time I saw her in a social setting, she was there with him. Just the three of us.

Ironic, no?

Funny story about that...Jason sized me up in about six seconds when Em and I got there (Em and I drove together, I left later, she went home with him.) In that six seconds, I could tell in his eyes, he did not see me as competition in any way. He sized me up very quickly, in fact, quickly knew I was not the alpha male at the table. I was no competition for him. He knew she was going home with him, he knew he was going to fuck her that Friday night.

Little did he know that three weeks later, Emily and I would have our first date. That six weeks later, she'd be in my bed, not his. I don't know in the last three years he ever got over that. I think he still wonders how he lost her to me, of all people.

But that bring me to tonight.

I shouldn't be jealous, of course.

Except for two things.

First, something Emily has said about sex with me. It is the best sex she ever had. She never, ever had a man submit to her like I do, never had someone devote hours to foreplay, devote hours to licking her, making HER feel special, worrying only about HER orgasm, her pleasure. Never. But at least twice she's said how sex is different. That sex with me is, well, like sex with another woman (shocking, no?) And that sometimes she misses sex with a Jason.

Second, the last time she told me that, we had both been drinking, and, as we often do when fucking half drunk, we had much more dirty talk. She tells me how much she loves when I lick her, when I bath in her wet pussy, how much she loves feeling me leak precum, how much she loves when I touch her. But about a year ago, she told me something else...

She told me, as I was licking her, that she wanted to feel me inside her, that she wanted me to fuck her. But this is what she said. "Get up here, I want to feel you inside me."

"Hmmm, do you like feeling me inside you," I grinned, climbing on top of her and entering her soaked pussy.

"Yes," she moaned, "though I wish you filled me up like Jason did."

I came immediately. Instantly. Violently.

And instantly, she knew why.

So, tonight, she's having dinner with Jason, to "catch up."

And nothing will happen. I know.

But for one thing. That's all I fantasize about all day. Emily getting fucked by him. I fantasize all day about cuckolding.

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