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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Having a little work done on the house, wanted the contractor to do us a couple of favors that were beyond the scope of the contract. "Want me to talk to them about a change order," I asked her. "I'm sure they'll do that for an extra hundred or so."

"No, I'll ask," Emily said, "I think I might be able to persuade him to just take care of it."

"Really," I responded, "and how's that."

"I'll just ask him really nicely and say please.

Yea, something like that. So on Saturday afternoon before he showed up, she told me to make myself scarce. "This isn't something I should ask him when you're home," she said, coming out of her closet wearing short, like, really short shorts, a tank top, hose, heels.

"Fuck, Emily," I said, stunned, "you planning to fuck him, too?"

She chuckled, "not for a hundred dollar change order...but we've been talking about doing a new deck," she smiled.

So, yes, he agreed to do the extra work. Fuck, why wouldn't he if he has customers that dress like that. No deck this year, though, so I presume stayed dressed.

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