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Friday, February 17, 2012

Three Month Anniversary

"I'm going to make reservations today for Saturday nigh, tomorrow," I told Emily on Monday, "seven, seven thirty?" Saturday is our three month anniversary, not a huge deal, but still, something.

"Yea," she said, looking away, biting her lip. "About that..."

"I know, it's nothing special, but it would be nice," I said, slow to catch on to her facial expressions right away.

"I...I know we'd talked about going out to dinner, I guess I just forgot about it."

"It's early in the week, it's not going to be a big deal to get reservations."

“It’s not that,” she said, “I…I forgot we talked about going out to dinner this Saturday, and well…”

“Well what,” I said, “you didn’t make plans for us, did you?”

“Not…not exactly.”

“What, then?”

“Really, I forgot, honestly…one of my customers asked me to meet for drinks on Saturday night, and, well, I…I kind of told him I didn’t have any plans.”

I looked at her across the table two thoughts running through my mind. The first having to do with our three month anniversary, which as I said, was nothing special, but she had talked about going to dinner, and I was hurt that she forgot. The second thought had to do with the specifics of what she just said, she told ‘him’ that she didn’t have any plans.

Him. A man. She told a man she did not have other plans on our three month anniversary and was meeting him for drinks.


“You…you’re going out…on a date.”

“Drinks, sweetie, just drinks.” She smiled an encouraging smile, seemingly genuinely apologetic for going out when we had other plans, when it was supposed to be a least a semi-special day. “I know we were supposed to go out to dinner, I’m sorry, I really am,” I felt her foot under the table, her nylon covered foot touching my leg, caressing my own soft nylons, “but I know you won’t be too disappointed by Saturday, love, I know what you’ll be thinking about all week…”

“I…I was just looking forward to a night with you.”

“I know,” she kept rubbing, “I know. I’ll make it up to you, love, I promise…you know what kind of mood I’ll be in when I get home.”

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