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Monday, October 22, 2012


He was skeptical of the Transformation bra and panty set his wife wanted to buy for him from an online store catering to crossdressers, but his wife was excited by the description and eager to try them. "The Ameliah set will magically and mysteriously transform any sissy: The longer line of this non-padded, under wired bra will showcase his new C-cup breasts while the low-rise brief will flatten all but the largest of sissies," she read from the website.

"Buy if if you want," he said, "But how many time have we seen lingerie promise that," he asked, "bought it, only to be disappointed."

What neither knew was that the bra and panty set were magical. Literally. For when he slipped the panties on, when he tucked his sissy penis between his legs, is did disappear. Literally. And when he fastened the bra around his chest, it did transform and showcase his new C-cup breasts. Literally.

For once he wore the Ameliah bra and panty set, he was never the same man again, in fact, he was never a man again.


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