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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Look at the balls

Cuckold Marriage:
This image reveals much about the thoughts of her cuckold when he took it.
One might easily assume he took this to capture their coupling; the intermingling of sex organs, but that would be wrong. The subject of this shot, for her cuckold, isn’t the length of bare shaft left stuffed inside his wife while the picture was taken, but more importantly the testicles hanging beneath it and what they hold - soon to be released inside his wife.
Her cuckold knows she is eager for that release - a pleasure he has yet to be allowed with her.
I kind of thought that, too. Like, "Oh my god, he's going to cum inside her!"

Something I have not done for weeks and weeks.

Something I rarely do.

She wants me, sexually, but for my mouth, nothing more.

And then I thought, she'll want me when he's done, she'll want me once he's cum inside her, she'll want to there between her legs, to lick, to suck, to taste.

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