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Friday, May 11, 2012


Emily, being of that age, has been a bridesmaid in a number of weddings in the time we've been together. I love it, because I can take an innocent thing like that and find a night full of fantasy in it. I mean, essentially, a bridesmaid has two dates for an evening, the date she came with (me) and the groomsman she is paired with. If anything, she is more his date than mine, especially if there is a head table. Especially if her paired groomsman is unattached.

After all, for the weekend, she will typically:

  • Spend a rehearsal with him (at the church), and, since they are getting to know one another, do her typical flirting, talking, etc.
  • Continue the same at the rehearsal dinner.
  • Leave for the wedding with him and the rest of the bridal party in a limo with some wine, becoming, for the next several hours, his date.
  • Spend the wedding proper with him (walking down the aisle, etc.
  • Leave the wedding with him, again in a limo, again with some wine.
  • Do the whole picture thing.
  • Be introduced as his date, escort, etc. when the bridal party gets to the reception.
  • Eat dinner with him.
  • Do the first several dances with him.
Yes, when she's in a wedding (she's in one in June), she has two dates, me and a groomsman. Though, it seems, maybe that's overstating, maybe she has one date, him, not me. Something she plays up to me every single time, knowing I'm there, watching, fantasizing, and loving every minute of.

So, saw this picture and thought, "Honey, you'd better go get some towels, he made quite a mess. Unless you'd rather lick it clean yourself."

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