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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Sunday Night With Emily

She told me to freshen up, come to bed wearing something pretty, so I did.

She told me to touch her and kiss her and lick her, so I did.

And after an hour of licking her, when I reached for the drawer, for the vibrator inside, she said, you don't need that, Sara, I'm just enjoying you.

Did she mean what I thought she meant? Did she mean that...I was too excited to ask, afraid I misunderstood, and she sensed it.

Yes, Sara, she said, I want to feel you inside me.

And for the first time in a month, Emily guided me into her.

With predictable results.

After ten seconds, I started to feel it, tried to think of something else.

Shhh, it's okay, she said, instinctively knowing.

After twenty seconds, I tried to stop moving my hips, hoping to prolong it.

Don't stop, Sara, she said, don't stop.

After thirty seconds, I knew it was too late, said her name anyway, begging with that one word that she let me stop, try to make it last.

Don't, she said, don't try to be a man, just be my sissy.

Instantly, I exploded, noticing that the clock had not changed from the moment I entered her until now, 11: 15 it read when I entered her, 11:15 it read when I finished.

Good girl, she said, stroking my hair, good girl, good girl, good girl.

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