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Monday, March 16, 2009

Impressions and Influences

What made me what I am? Well, we discussed at first what made me a sissy. Or at least a crossdresser (I'm probably both.)

But what mad me a sissy? What made me want to submit? What made me dream of bondage? Of helpless heroines? Of being dressed up AND tied up?

As I told you earlier, I've been drawn to dressing as long as I can possibly remember. Well, one day, when I was perhaps 11 or 12, I found my father's stash of porn. He had some "normal" stuff such as Playboy. But he also had a stash of bondage magazines and books.

For a young child like, already drawn to dressing, finding that had a deep, deep impression. You see, the day I found the stash of bondage porn, I was wearing lingerie. My mother's lingerie.

And, I saw all these pictures of bound women, pictures and drawings much like those below, and thought, oh fuck, I WANTED TO BE THE WOMAN.

My friends seeing the pictures got all hot and bothered staring at the women, their young hormones raging, thinking forbidden thoughts of what they wanted to do to the women.

Me? I thought how much I wanted to be them. Beautiful lingerie. Bound. Helpless. Submitting. Serving a mistress...or even a master.

My friends wanted to be the man.

I wanted to be the woman.

Seeing the works of John Willie (AMAZING) all I could think about was submitting.

So, I began a journey of not only dressing up, but of tying up.

Lingerie and bondage.

Dressing and tying. Of dreaming and fantasizing about bondage.

Then...a few yeas later, I discovered female domination...but that's for another post.

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