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Friday, March 20, 2009

Foot Massage

I wore a uniform to clean last night. She was very happy when she got home from the office. I served her a drink and gave her a wonderful foot and leg massage that turned into a tongue massage.

I must say, as a submissive little thing, I totally enjoy pampering her without receiving something in return. Do not get me wrong, our sex life is amazing, and obviously, I love "getting off" too.

But, just as much, I thoroughly enjoy, totally love, spending an hour or two massaging her, licking her, making her cum over and over, knowing that I will not.

Yes, it is a submission thing. As a sub, spending hours pampering my domme brings me complete happiness.

Would I want that EVERY time? No, obviously, no. I want to cum, too.

But I'd be lying if I denied the pleasure I get from the times when only she gets to cum, when only she gets to orgasm, when only she gets to lay there and be pampered.

And don't think it isn't mutual. She loves it, too. The hours of pampering, knowing it is only for her.

She loves sex, too, of course.

But like me (180 degrees different), she loves the pampering as much as I love to pamper.

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