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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Crossdresser or Sissy

Is there a difference? I maintain that there is. Not that one cannot be both. I think, to a point, all sissies are crossdressers, but I do not believe that all crossdressers are sissies.

Are you both? I am.

Sissies are submissive. Crossdressers can be submissive, dominant, or neither.

Sissies want to be known as a sissy. Crossdressers would be offended to be called a sissy.

Sissies do not necessarily dress to be a woman, but to be a sissy. Crossdressers dress to be a woman.

Sissies desire, need, want to serve. Crossdressers often consider themselves to be strong, independent women.

Many sissies are bi-sexual, love to serve women, but also crave cock, even if forced. Many crossdressers have no interest whatsoever in men.

Sissies delight in being emasculated, to have their masculinity taken away. Crossdressers delight in being a woman. There is a difference. I WANT to be told I'm not a man, to be told I'm a sissy. It is as much about being degraded. Not so for a pure crossdresser.

Sissies LOVE to be forced to dress. Crossdressers often have no interest in the forced feminization aspect.

A sissy get a rush from surrendering their masculine tendencies. A crossdresser gets a rush from adopting feminine tendencies.

Here's a secret one many of you sissies can identify like being called a faggot, don't you?



SISSY FAGGOT! interest in that term, no pleasure from being called a faggot.

Sissies want to be dressed up on a French Maid's uniform and serve a mistress or master. Crossdressers just want to be dressed up as a woman and go about their daily activities.

So, which are you?

Sissy or crossdresser?

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