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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lunch Meeting

" was your lunch meeting," I asked her nervously, knowing all too well who she was meeting with, her thoughts about him, her fantasies.

"Oh, it was fine," she answered evenly.

I heard myself exhale with opposite emotions: relief that nothing happened, yet disappointment, too.

"Oh, by the way, here," she said, turning back towards me, opening her bag and pulling out a pair of thong panties, the pair you saw her put on this morning when she got dressed. "Things got a little messy today at lunch, you'll need to take care of these right away, before things dry out."

It was then, as she moved her bag, I realized that I could see her breasts through her sheer shirt, that she also no longer wore the camisole she had on this morning, the bra either. 

The panties were cold and wet and heavy with a musky smell, stronger, more powerful than her. I looked up at her, mouth open, my eyes asking the question words could not.

"Sorry," she said innocently, "things went so fast the first time, I never got a chance to take them off before know."

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