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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sissy vs. Crossdresser

Is there a difference? I think so. I think one can be a sissy, a crossdresser, or both.

First, a crossdresser:

I see a crossdresser as the typical, male-bodied, male-identified, heterosexual male, that dresses as a woman. Usually totally, often conservatively, often to pass, often to fit in, often for reasons having nothing to do with a fetish. The crossdresser may be gender confused, but often is one or the other. Male, and fully male, female, and fully female.

But what about a sissy?

Sissies do not want to be women. They may dress as women, they may even pass, but it is more than just being a woman. A sissy may wear male clothing, but how many are wearing panties underneath? Half? Most? All? How many sissies start the day with a swollen organ thinking about the prettiest lingerie they are going to wear that day?

How many sissies dream not of the woman above, but the woman to the left? Prancing, dancing?

How many sissies are submissive? All of them!

They LOVE being a submissive little sissy, forced down on their knees to do nasty, naughty things.

Which are you? One or the other? Both?

I'm a sissy, through and through.

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