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Monday, March 5, 2012

Best Friends

You always knew your wife's best friend, Lana, was kind of a slut, so you always hit on her, flirted with her, hoping against hope, that one day your deepest fantasy would come true, a threesome with her, your wife, and you. Was that foolish? Perhaps, but she played right back, she teased you, looked at you, made you think you had a chance at this forbidden fruit

What you didn't know, what you couldn't have known, was that Lana had NO interest in a wimpy, beta male like you. Oh, Lana liked to tease guys like you, imagining you furiously jerking off your little penis at the mere thought of her and Lana certainly had her eyes on your wife.

But Lana had NO interest in you.

You see, Lana likes men. Real men. Alpha men. Confident men. Assertive men.

And Lana wants her best friend, your wife, to experience a man, to experience what's she's been missing since she married you. Lana doesn't want your wife to leave you, she knows how much your wife loves you, how much you love her, and what a good husband you are. Lana knows you give your wife everything a wife could possibly want.

Well, except cock. Everything except the sexual satisfaction a woman can find only with an alpha man.

But you didn't know this, you couldn't know this. So when Lana asked you and your wife to go with her to a very progressive club, a member's only erotica club, you jumped at the chance, assuming the night would end in the way you fantasized about all these years, a threesome with your wife and Lana.

Oh, it would, but it wasn't until you were sitting in a booth, feeling good after three martinis, that you saw Lana and your wife talking to a muscular young man, laughing at his jokes, touching him, flirting with him, that you realized something entirely different was going on.

It wasn't until you watched Lana take off the man's shirt, kiss her way down his chest, and saw the look in your wife's eyes, the lust, that you even began to have a tingle of doubt.

It wasn't until Lana unzipped his pants, brazenly reached in and pulled out the man's cock, his very hard, very erect, very long, very thick cock that you began to wonder just what the fuck Lana was doing.

It wasn't until Lana looked you straight in the eyes, her lips almost on his cock, and mouthed the words to you that understanding began to set in. Oh? The words she mouthed? "I fuck men, not losers."

It wasn't until your wife knelt down next to Lana, her eyes totally focused on the cock in Lana's hand, that you understood that a threesome with Lana, your wife, and YOU was NEVER going to happen.

Oh, there was going to be a threesome tonight, there was suddenly no doubt in your mind, but it wasn't going to involve you.

And finally, it wasn't until you realized that you were erect, that watching your wife stare at the cock in her best friend's hand, that cock Lana was moving closer and closer to your wife's mouth, it wasn't until then that you realized that watching your wife in a threesome with Lana and a man was way, way more exciting that being involved yourself.

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