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Saturday, May 23, 2009


Emily is a big fan of matching lingerie. Every bra must match every pair of panties which must match every garter belt, if she wears one. Not that I dispute her thoughts on the topic. I prefer her in matching lingerie and prefer to wear the same.

It is a little after 8:30, so Emily is out with Evan at the concert they are going to tonight.

And all I can think about is...

Which bra and panty set is she wearing? She packed this one. It was the fanciest she packed. Is she wearing it tonight?

She called me at about 6:00. "I'm kind of drunk," she laughed.

"At 6:00?"

"We had some Kahlua in our coffee this morning, and I kind of drank a six pack when we were golfing."

"So what are you doing now?"

"Getting dressed to go to the concert whatever we are doing after."

That's when I started thinking about the bra and panty set.

Is she wearing it now? Did she get dressed in it thinking how pretty, how sexy she must look.

Is he going to see it later?

I'm ashamed to admit (yes, this is a confessional blog entry) that I'm completely turned on by the thought, by imagining her standing in front of a bed, Even laying in it, watching her in just her bra and panty set.

I DON'T want that to happen, but I'm incredibly excited thinking about it.


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